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Welcome ...

... in the tapas bar BERNER & BROWN. We are pleased that you have found your way to our website. Our goal is to inspire you with selected, high quality wines from 14 growing regions of Spain and with fresh and the best homemade tapas and dips. You can choose from over 30 different tapas. We also have a love for Sherry, Vermuth and Cava. Of course! That's why we have the largest selection of high quality Sherrys in Magdeburg and Saxony-Anhalt. Better is better and more is more and less is bore.

No, we are not a rustic, authentic tavern, with neon lit showcases! It´s not us. We are inspired by the modern tapas bars such as Bilbao, San Sebastián, Haro and Barcelona. We are all about "joie de vivre" and taste. We will delight you with stylish ambience and modern, elegant, homemade tapas. Surprisingly modern, just as Spain is.


Come, come... it's lunch time!

Mondays to fridays, from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, we offer you you in addition to our homemade tapas also a delicious lunch menu. Weekly we have a new offer. You can find current information on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. And everything of course in the usual, good and tasty quality.


Typical? Tapas! Courage!

"... typically spanish ...?", "... authentic spanish ...?" - Each region has its own individual products. We interpret and combine the northern Spanish - Mediterranean cuisine in our own way, and implement them in refreshing, delicious, modern and sometimes surprising creations. Grilled Duroc iberico and beef filtet medium, fried chicken breast in balsamic sauce and pine nuts, salmon and sheep's cheese in zucchini strips swirled in rosemary butter right up to lots of vegetables with bite. Just a bit better! Lovers of "classic" tapas will also find their favorites here. Starting with our olives, home-made tortilla, over Pimientos de Padrón, our dates stuffed with almonds wrapped in ham, Serrano, Chorizzo, Salchichon and Manchego, to our Albondigas. Vegetarians and vegans will find their adventure. Just talk to us.

We are happy to follow the basic idea behind the tapas. Simply enjoy the whole evening to your heart's content delicious snacks and to be pampered in a cozy round.

Be determined! Just break out of the "typical, worn-out ways" with us! Let us seduce you! We, the BERNER & BROWN team, look forward to seeing you and are here for you. Tapas menue


Over 12 years with love!

Our passion is your advantage. With heart and soul we operate our tapas bar in Magdeburg. We present you our treats, prepared with care and love and served by competent and friendly staff. Tapas menue

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Natural food and eco power

Yes, we can. We can also very tasty vegetarian and vegan. Definitely natural. We have expanded our menu to 18 vegan, wonderful Tapas and vegan Coffee specialties and are happy to prepare them for you. Let taste!

By the way ... with friendly support of our energy supplier SWM Magdeburg we have taken another step towards sustainability. SWM Natur Electricity The extra-clean tariff

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Vinoteca, Cava-ria & Vermuteria

With a selection of around 40 Spanish wines and wine-based products, we offer you the largest selection in Magdeburg. Follow us on a journey through the most beautiful wine-growing regions of Spain.

So much choice? What kind of wine should I drink? We will be happy to advise you and answer your questions. Please also pay attention to our wine offers.

But whether you want to try one of our different wines, vermouths, sherries or our cavas, or perhaps just enjoy a sparkling, cold beer, is up to you. Wine & more

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Cavaria - best Cavas you get here ...

... at the Berner & Brown, the tapas bar. Again, we let our passion come to you. Since 12 years we offer the best Spanish sparkling wines, sparkling and fruity from Valencia to champagne qualities from the Penedes. Cava from Castillo Perelada, the favourite Cava of Salvador Dalí and also for the wedding of King Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain it was served. A wonderful Cava that is still served in the Spanish royal house.

There is at least one good reason to drink a glass of Cava every day. Wine & more



"Vermouth against melancholy", already known by the Romans. They spoke of the herb that gave it´s name to the wine flavored and fortified with herbal extracts. The collection of herbs used is secret and each producer has his own philosophy, which gives his vermouth that extra something. In Spain, Vermouth means spending time with friends and family, sharing and exchanging memories.

Vermouth celebrates it´s a big come back especially in the trendy bars of Barcelona. So it´s no wonder that it´s reminiscent of cherry, citrus peel and black berries. Here, too, we offer a drop or two. From the small start up La Madre up to Fernando de Castilla.

Vermouth, in Spanish Vermut, is the "drink du jour". Since 2017 the big trend from Barcelona. For Vermuth heard a slice of orange and like splashed with tonic. Wine & more

Sherry im BERNER & BROWNFoto: Emilio Lustau

second helping: Emilio Lustau, ...

...Sherry of the highest quality! The history of Bodegas Emilio Lustau began in 1886 on a modest estate called "Our Lady of Hope" on the outskirts of Jerez de la Frontera. Today, three entire cities with two large vineyards on the Andalusian Atlantic coast form the famous "Sherry Triangle". It is the southernmost wine-growing region in Europe and enjoys the best climate and limestone hills. "We are proud to offer the market not only the highest quality but also the widest range of Sherries". Emilio Lustau

The best Sherrys from Lustau and the largest selection in Magdeburg can be found in the BERNER & BROWN tapas bar. Wine & more

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I•O has a question "Coffee?"

... not only in Spain at the pool. At I•O the way to an extraordinary coffee often starts with a "no". Because we don't believe in coincidences. Or lucky hits. That's why we take a lot of time. For every little detail. Because for us every detail is something very special: the scent of a single coffee bean. The wall thickness of our espresso cup. The taste of a new, noble coffee blend. The sound of the sieve carrier snapping into place. The scent of a freshly prepared espresso. And only when we have examined every aspect, when every detail is right, when all questions are answered with a "yes", are we really satisfied. Because we love coffee. We live coffee, we breathe coffee, we think coffee. We are coffee. Only someone who loves coffee passionately can make it possible to experience every facet of extraordinary coffee enjoyment. And that is what matters, how you experience a coffee and what it makes you feel. One of the best coffees in Germany can be found at Bermer & Brown. Let it taste good!